Dealing with substance abuse and mental health issues is not easy. We meet you where you are on your journey, and help you find a new direction in life.

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Our mission at Driftless Recovery Services is to help people struggling with substance abuse and mental health issues. We work with families in distress. We provide compassionate and confidential therapy solutions—from individual and group therapy to outpatient care and intervention services. Our staff is knowledgeable and passionate about working with adolescents and young adults.

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Our conversations are about life. Not just drugs and alcohol. Once people visit Driftless Recovery Services, meet us and see our space, they feel comfortable and ready for change. Call us, email us or stop by our offices. We want to get to know you.

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New at Driftless Recovery Services

Adolescent groups at Driftless Recovery Services are filling up fast. These groups focus on the stressors that young people face in their lives and solutions for how to deal with them.

“Discovering Mindfulness and Motivation”

If you are a teenager struggling with depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, or for those who are just looking for self-improvement, “Discovering Mindfulness and Motivation” is a 12 week program that may be right for you.  In this group setting, individuals learn more about themselves and their inherent self-worth.  In addition to developing other skills, members are exposed to mindfulness training; learning strategies they can continue to utilize at home long after the program has ended.  Mindfulness aids members in being in the moment, diminishing unhelpful self-talk, and finding clarity in their day to day lives.  Furthermore, this program propels its members forward into finding purpose and engaging in meaningful activities.

This group will be led by Ms. Megan Litsheim, MS, LPC.  Megan is a graduate of Purdue University’s Clinical Psychology program and brings extensive trauma knowledge as a Nationally Certified Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and experience working with teens in the mental health field.

To join this group or to refer this group, you can call our main office at 608-519-5906.